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How we pay your cashback

Some of our exclusive deals are sweetened with cashback to make them even better for you.

This is the What, When, Who and How of Incahoot cashback deals.

Most of our offers are exclusive to Incahoot members. Sometimes this means that to make sure you are getting the best deal possible we will pay you cashback on top of the deal!

You can even get paid for referring friends if they buy a key product from us! Our key Products are:

  • Mobile phones (including iPhones)
  • Mobile Broadband
  • Energy
  • Home broadband
  • Home Phone Bundles
  • Incahoot PLUS

The timescales below apply to both refer a friend cash rewards and cashback offers.

Cashback will be paid up to 90 days from the date we are notified from our partners that your order has been accepted or completed. Payments are also only made in the last working week of the month.

This time frame is is so we can make sure your order is past the returns period before we pay you, obviously if you return your order then we wont pay you cashback! You can find your order status in My Account.

Your cashback comes from Incahoot Limited, not from our partners. We take all the credit for giving you the best deal!

Getting cashback is easy. All you need to do is:

  1. Become a member,
  2. Refer friends (If you are not ready to take out one of our money saving deals, go to step 4)! or,
  3. Buy one of our money saving offers that includes cashback, not all offers include cashback, some are already the best you can get! See what you can save using our savings calculator
  4. Enter your bank details to allow us to pay you, dont worry we are very secure and are very careful with your details. Our privacy policy will explain everything if you are worried.
  5. Sit back and wait to be paid!

There you have it... Cashback the Incahoot way. Easily!

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