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Samsung Galaxy S4 (Black Mist)

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Samsung introduces the Galaxy S4 - A Life Companion for a richer, simpler and fuller life

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Life companion

Make your life richer, simpler and more fun.

As a life companion, the new Samsung Galaxy S4 helps
bring us closer and captures those fun moments when
we are together. Each feature has been designed to
simplify and enrich our daily lives and the phone is even
smart enough to monitor our health and well-being.

To put it simply, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is there for you.

The incredibly wide Full HD Super AMOLED screen fits
perfectly within an extraordinarily slim bezel that’s
encased in a special polycarbonate body. Its 5-inch large
screen has 441ppi for stunning HD viewing quality so
there is more to see and less to hold. The Samsung
GALAXY S4 also utilizes Corning’s new Gorilla® Glass 3,
making it a durable travel companion for all of life’s


Captures all the fun: The Galaxy S4 captures all the
action wherever you are. Don’t just look at your photos,
hear what they have to say and relive those exciting
memories. Take multiple exposure pictures and edit them
together to add a special dramatic touch. Once done,
spread the fun and instantly share your albums with
friends and family.

Dual Camera

Allows both rear and front cameras to take simultaneous
photos and videos. Users can choose from a variety of
frame effects to blend the two pictures naturally and also
adjust the size of picture. Dual Camera technology allows
Dual Shot, Dual Recording and Dual Video Call feature.

Story Album
Allows photos and videos, memos, location and weather
information to be easily and simultaneously created into
a photo album, personalised around your timeline of 
special occasions and events. These unique story albums
can be ordered and delivered as an offline photo album so 
you can keep those precious moments in physical form to 
look at and share time and time again.


The Samsung Galaxy S4 brings people together when
they are apart. You and your friends can share screens as
well as each other’s favourite music, files and games. The
Galaxy S4 not only overcomes barriers of distance but
also breaks down language barriers.

Chat On
Keep in touch with direct instant messaging and video

Provides real-time translation - users can use text or
voice translation to make sure they are giving and
receiving the correct information while abroad.


Call a friend, answer the phone, preview and scroll
through emails and control videos without even touching
the phone. Plus when you connect your Samsung
GALAXY S4 to your home entertainment system it can
suggest programs that you like.

Samsung Smart Pause

Control the screen with your eyes when you are watching
a video, the video pauses when you look away then it
starts up again when you’re ready to view.

Finger Air View
Hovering over the screen will preview photos and emails
with your finger.

Samsung Smart Switch
Transfer content and information from your old phone to
your new Galaxy device.

Health and wellbeing

The Samsung Galaxy S4 understands how important
your health is. It can help achieve your fitness goals by
monitoring your exercise levels during workouts and
throughout the day.

S Health
The Samsung GALAXY S4 helps monitor your health
and wellbeing via new S-Health software. Utilising a
combination of built-in sensors you can automatically
track your health including sleep patterns, calorie intake
and daily exercise.

Adapt Display and Sound
Provides an optimal viewing and listening experience,
customised for each type of application.

*Some functions may require specific accessories

Tariff Details
Product Spec
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1GB Data, 600 Minutes
24 month contract
£30.00 cash back
£31.00 p/m
£23.00 p/m
1GB Data, All-you-can-eat Minutes
24 month contract
£30.00 cash back
£34.00 p/m
£26.00 p/m
2GB Data, 600 Minutes
24 month contract
£30.00 cash back
£34.00 p/m
£26.00 p/m
2GB Data, All-you-can-eat Minutes
24 month contract
£30.00 cash back
£37.00 p/m
£29.00 p/m
All-you-can-eat Data, All-you-can-eat Minutes
24 month contract
£30.00 cash back
£40.00 p/m
£32.00 p/m

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